Algorithmic Trading Financial Consultancy

i-Algotrade has developed five automated trading softwares,
optimized by type of financial instrument:

  • I-ALGOTRADE (the first one developed, which then gave the name to our company) dedicated to the large cap stocks and futures of the main international indices;
  • FOREX MACHINE dedicated to the main currency pairs of the forex market;
  • CRYPTORAPTOR dedicated to the top 20 cryptocurrency market capitalisations;
  • MID SMALL CAP STRONG MACHINE dedicated exclusively to the Italian and US mid and small cap stocks;
  • MID SMALL CAP CRYPTORAPTOR dedicated to mid and small caps of the cryptocurrency market.

Our goal is to provide the view of our softwares on the major markets, with a selection of operational signals with the highest statistical reliability.
Our mission is to gain always, in a constant and sustainable manner over time, whatever happens in the markets.


Algoselection Channels

i-Algotrade has created an offer of services called Algoselection: five automated trading softwares that give their view,
on the main financial markets, and offer a selection of their best operational signals with the best chance of success
and the highest statistical reliability, on stocks, ETFs, futures (DAX and NASDAQ 100 above all) and cryptocurrencies.

The service is dedicated to cryptomaniacs, with analysis, reports and trading signals selection on the top 20 cryptocurrency capitalisations.

The service includes analyses, charts and trading signals for futures on the major international indices, particularly DAX and Nasdaq 100.


Algoselection Packages


Intraday, daily and weekly signals of our automated trading software for futures of the major world indexes.


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