Frequently Asked Questions


Our software calculates the areas of support and resistance levels – constantly updating them – where buyers (green box) or sellers (orange box) are highly expected to intervene. Each pair of timeframes has its own control boxes.

Those considered most important for short / medium term movements are intra long/daily and daily/weekly control boxes. Those considered most important for long-term movements are the weekly/monthly ones.

Below you can see the list of monitored time frame pairs to build trading strategies from our software:

  • INTRADAY (fast intraday strategies).
  • INTRADAY/ INTRALONG (intraday strategies up to 2-3 days)
  • INTRALONG / DAILY (multiday strategies up to 21-28 days).
  • DAILY / WEEKLY (mid-term multiday strategies).
  • WEEKLY / MONTHLY (long-term multiday strategies)


Both our Algoselection channels Futures Only and Cryptoraptor will have their own page on the website and a dedicated Telegram channel, which will give real-time notifications of everything that will be communicated on the website (CONTROL BOX / REPORT, COMMENTS OR TRADING SIGNALS).

Below you can see how the Algoselection operational page of each channel is set. The trading signal table will always be on top and in evidence. In Trading Signals table one can select to choose signals by instrument of your interest (for example, ONLY SIGNALS ON DAX, OR ONLY SIGNALS ON NASDAQ 100, etc) and by status of signal (cancelled, placed, active, closed).

There will be 4 phases in the signals page: PLACED, when an order is placed; ACTIVE, when at least one size of the order is EXECUTED (if more sizes are executed, the price will automatically change based on the sizes executed); CLOSED, when a position has been completely liquidated; CANCELLED, when a signal is cancelled before even a single size is executed.

By clicking on the CONTROL BOX / REPORT tab, you can access the section where all our CONTROL BOX charts and REPORTS are published; by clicking on the OPERATIONAL COMMENTS tab you will be able to access our comments on the markets and on the signals offered by our software. Also in this case it will be possible to filter all the information by instrument.

Each Algoselection subscription service has its own Telegram channel, created to give real-time notifications of all the activities of our services to your mobile device (to use this feature, you need to have telegram app for smartphones/tablets or PCs).

In order to find the link to the Telegram channel connected to the page of a service subscribed, go to the Algoselection subscription page, and click on ‘Telegram channel’ to complete the registration.



Notifications will be classified as CONTROL BOX / REPORT, COMMENT or TRADING SIGNAL. If you want to have more details and see the corresponding page of the website, just click on ‘View more’ and you will be redirected immediately.


  • bank transfer
  • credit card
  • Paypal 

We accept payment with the PayPal payment system. If you have an existing PayPal account, follow the standard procedure.

We accept and process all types of Credit Cards via PayPal Check Out System, for which you do not need to have a PayPal account to make a Credit Card purchase. Simply click on the link ”Don’t have a PayPal account?” and enter your Credit Card details.

You can also place your order by choosing an option ”Wire transfer” in the checkout section.

All needed information like bank account details, payment instructions and your Order ID will be written down in the confirmation email after you place your order.

Please do not forget to include your order number when making a bank transfer payment. We will need this ID to link your order with your payment.